Fan Tells A-Reece He Loves Him More Than His Daddy

The Boy Doing Things A-Reece has certainly gotten into the heads of some of his fans. This much became evident just recently, during a performance.

In a clip shared on Instagram, A-Reece could be seen making his way onto the stage and a fan had told him that he lovoes him more than his dad. It surely takes serious fan love to make such a declaration. You can check out the clip below.


By the way, A-Reece has got a massive social media following. In the world of South African hip-hop, he had chosen to go his own way, sometimes even shunning notable voices who seek him out for a collaboration.

In choosing to focus on his lane, he has become a cult figure to many. And because of his enforced unavailability, many look up to what he has to say. He may not speak much, but when he speaks, his words reverberate in the industry.

A case in point might be when he decided to a sit-down with hip hop veteran Khuli Chana.

Well, what do you think of a fan saying he loves A-Reece molre than his father? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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