Fans Are Making Fun Of Heavy-K’s Sudden Name Change

Heavy K surprised fans as he changed his stage name to “Khusta”

The talented producer didn’t give any major reasons for changing his stage name and this got a lot of his fans assuming the reason for the change.

It is not new for artists and DJs in the music scene to change their names but South African music fans, find it weird as this could also mean the artist will have to change his music genre. In the past we’ve had artists like DJ Euphonik change his name to DJ Themba, which led to him changing his style of Music.

Heavy K now Khusta took to his Twitter page to make the announcement, leaving fans hanging on a cliff.

I’m changing HEAVY-K to KHUSTA, thank you.

Some fans have now come up with hilarious assumptions, with some stating it was probably due to his loss of weight and others saying it might be legal, due to not owning the name.

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