Fans Campaign For DJ Khathide “Tshatha” Ngobe’s Return o Ukhozi FM

Displeased with the firing of DJ Khathide “Tshatha” Ngobe at Ukhozi FM, fans of the radio presenter have initiated a campaign to have him reinstated.

Tshatha, as he’s fondly called, was relieved of his post following a post he made in which he accused the radio station where he worked of bias in the award of the Song of the Year title in 2005.

According to Tshatha, the maskandi group Nomtekhala received the most votes for the Song of the Year award, but management, he claims, gave an instruction for the award to be given to Malaika for his song “Destiny.”

The radio station thought his post anti establishment and relieved him of his position at in January this year. This decision provoked many fans, and they bandied together to demand the management bring him back. They describe his sacking as “reckless.”

Senzo “Touchline” Mnyandu, who is leading the campaign for  Tshatha’s reinstatement, said in a statement that Tshatha was a diligent staff whose only crime was fighting for traditional music, especially maskandi, to be just as recognized as other genres in South Africa.

Will the campaign for Tshatha’s reinstatement eventually lead to his return to Ukhozi FM? The coming days should reveal a lot.

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