Fans Confused As Vusi Nova Shared Loved-Up Pictures With Mystery Lady

It appears Vusi nova’s fans are confused right now after the muso shared a picture of him holding longingly to a lady. Who could she be? His girlfriend? Just who?

The questions have been flying all over the place. If you haven’t seen the picture, you may want to check it out below. The songster shared it on his Instagram page a day ago, with a caption which is all the more confusing for fans: “I got you…,” followed by a hear emoji.

Fans are confused because the muso’s sexuality has been a subject of scrutiny for some time, with rumours flying around that he is gay. Vusi Nova has neither confirmed nor denied the gay rumours.

And then a picture of him holding lovingly to a lady had popped online, with an interesting caption from the muso.

So is this a sublet way of saying he is heterosexual and not gay? Could the lady in the picture be his girlfriend? The champ hasn’t said anything on that, so it is best to keep your fingers crossed – as the cliché goes.

The coming weeks will certainly reveal a lot. Or what do you think? You may want to share your thoughts with us.

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