Fans React To New Season Of Mohale-Somizi Divorce Drama

Will the drama ever end between Mohale and Somizi? Maybe not right away – and it appears some peeps are enjoying the entertainment the two former lovers are creating following their split.

Somizi had apparently taken jabs at Mohale, commenting on how broke the actor was. But Mohale’s fans are having none of that. They wondered if Somizi was unaware when he chose the actor.

Others scoffed at Somizi’s verdict, arguing that the Idols SA judge wanted someone he could control with material things. And he wasn’t happy that Mohale got away.

Another claimed that Somizi had created a whole show (Living The Life With Somizi) so that he could bash his ex.

Well, amid the ever-growing claims, a recent report indicated that the South African Revenue Service (SAR) had auctioned Somizi’s furniture when it discovered that the reality show star was owing the body.

That action, too, for fodder for jokes, as some peeps wondered what Mohale would get now that the furniture had been auctioned. Mohale would reportedly get about 50 per cent of Somizi’s assets in the event of a divorce settlement.

By the way, before their split, Somizi and Mohale were among South Africa’s most-loved gay couples. But life happened – as the saying goes.

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