FIFI Cooper Details Why She Feels A-Reece Is Superior To Nasty C

The competition between A-Reece and Nasty C is something that has refused to go away, with fans and other musicians stoking things up by pointing out who between the two they believe is a better musician – or who their favourite is among the two.

Well, South African musician Fifi Cooper has joined the whole debate by sharing who, between the two, she thinks is a better rapper. During an appearance on the Hustlers Corner Podcast with DJ Sbu, she revealed that she rated A-Reece above Nasty C.

She went on to clarify her decision, noting that her verdict likely stems from the fact that she is more conversant with A-Reece’s music than she is with Nasty C’s. She also graciously noted that her rating A-Reece above the “Zulu Man With Some Power” takes nothing away from his musical gifts.

A-Reece and Nasty C are contemporaries and the two of them are almost always compared as a result, with their fans stating why each is better than the other. Often, Nasty C’s international presence is cited as one of the reasons he is superior to his counterpart.

Well, to each his crowd and to each his verdict. The competition between the two is nothing a bad thing, and of course, people will always talk.

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