Fifi Cooper Talks “Love & Hip Hop SA,” Musical Independence, Collaborating With Lwah Ndlunkulu & So Much More – Watch

She was one of the hottest on the roll at some point, but Fifi Cooper magically disappeared from the music robot for a while thanks in part to her fight with the record label.

After a lull, she popped back into the South African music universe to continue doing what she knows best. Na she couldn’t be happier to be back to doing what she knows and loves best.

Most recently, she snagged a spot on the show “Love & SA,” which also has other notable voices in South African music as part of the cast. As part of that platform, they would open up on aspects of their lives, from their music right down to their relationships.

The reviews for the show have been mixed, but Fifi Cooper has no regrets about being a part of it. In fact, her being a part of that show formed part of the subjects of her recent interview. She dwelled on how she got to be a part of the show, collaborating with other musicians, including Lwah Ndlunkulu, and so much more.

If you’re a Fifi Cooper fan, this interview provides you with a chance to get to know the rapper on a whole new level. Check it out below.

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