Focalistic Excited As Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Vibe To “Ke Star”

Focalistic has recorded yet another morale-boosting move as America’s and her husband Swizz Beatz rock his “Ke Star” hit on a random day – or so he choose to call it.

The South African musician shared a clip of Alicia and her husband rocking his number, describing the experience as simply crazy. The songster’s excitement was shared by his fans, who were thrilled the famous couple should rock a number by one of their own.

This isn’t the first time a notable music figure has shown love to the song, though. Previously, Nigerian singer D’Banj has rocked the number in his Rolls Royce in the presence of Focalistic himself who was in the country for a gig and ended up working with Davido on a remix of “Ke Star.”

Also, Diddy had rocked the number, sending Focalistic into planes of rapture. The rapture continues for Foca – as he’s fondly called – with and husband vibing with the track.

Well, who’ll show “Ke Star ” love next? We can only watch and see. For now, Focalistic is basking in the excitement of the support he has received over the song as well as the success of the remix with Davido.

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