Former Police Chief Fraser Implicates Ramaphosa’s Adviser In Phala Phala Farm Scandal

The last may not have been heard about President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm scandal, and the man who had blown the lid about it all, former police chief Arthur Fraser, is blowing hot again.

For a little background: following his exit as police chief, Fraser had accused President Ramaphosa of corruption, among other crimes, noting that a robbery had taken place in the President’s Phala Phala farm in 2020 and millions of dollars hidden in mattresses were stolen from the property.

Ordinarily, and as backed by law, according to Frader, the president should have reported the robbery, but he kept mute about it, which further indicated the funds were illicit.

After a brief silence, the president confirmed that, indeed, a robbery had taken place. But the president insisted that nothing was illicit and that the said funds were proceeds from livestock sales.

The matter appeared to have died down a bit – well, until recently. In a twist, the former police chief had also implicated President Cyril Ramaphosa’s adviser, Bejani Chauke. In a recent affidavit. Fraser had claimed that Bejani was instrumental in bringing large sums of US dollars into South Africa following his trip to countries like Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, among others.

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