Gabrielle Union Talks About Her Anxiety & PTSD After Being Raped

Famous American actress -Wade has opened up about her anxiety and PTSD as a survivor in a recent Instagram post.

Shout out to all the celebrities who are strong enough to show their fans their weaknesses and struggles just to prove to them that they’re not alone. Actress recently opened up about her anxiety and PTSD in a post on her Instagram.

She shared a clip of herself from the Met Gala and, in the caption, talked about her anxiety. She revealed that she has battled PTSD for over 30 years as a survivor. Union was sexually assaulted at the age of 19. She shared her struggles living with anxiety and panic attacks since then, and revealed that even leaving the house can fill her with so much terror.

Union revealed that anxiety could turn her anticipation for an event she’s been looking forward to into pure agony. She also urged people to believe survivors when they first tell them about what they are experiencing. She also shared that you do need anyone to “fix me.” Union encouraged people who struggle with the same things “there is so much love for you”. Read the full post below.

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