Gigi Lamayne & Inno Morolong Make Peace After Battle Over A Man

After a public spat, Inno Morolong and have decided to make peace and move on with their lives.

Just recently, social media had buzzed with news that and Inno Morolong were fighting over a man. It soon emerged that Inno had accused the “Job Woods” rapper of trying to steal her man.

She didn’t stop at that, though. She had also dismissed the songstress as ugly and with a struggling rap career.

Displeased with the whole attack, had contacted her attorneys, who sued Inno Morolong for R1 million. She had also demanded a public retraction from Inno and an apology.

And in case Inno should be unable to pay the sum she’s demanding in damages, offered Inno should spend time in jail in lieu of the sum. She shared the suit on her Instagram page.

Soon after, though, she had taken down the suit from her Instagram page. Our prediction then was that Gigi and Inno were trying to resolve their differences away from public view.

It turned out we were prescient, as a video has emerged online showing the two of them speaking amicably in the presence of the man who they’d allegedly quarreled over.

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