Gigi Lamayne Needs Relationship Advice

Gigi Lamayne interrogates Men about what their actual needs are.

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Gigi Lamayne who has overtime managed to keep her relationship life private, finally got really inquisitive about the male gender and decided to ask the concerned gender on social media what they really want.

Gigi Lamayne in the past had suffered from an toxic relationship, which took a toll on her and also just got out of one with her secret boyfriend, after she took to social media to announce she was single again.

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The rapper took to the Twitter platform to ask the question about men, that has sure been brewing in the minds of many women, all over SA.

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In other news, Gigi Lamayne recently thanked traditional healers, who helped her when the career of falling apart. The rapper said this opening up on her struggles and thanking a particular healer named Gugu Ndabezitha.


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