GoodLucklive Band Is Excited To Be Performing Again

Mzansi band, GoodLucklive reveal their excitement to be performing again.

We all can’t deny that the world isn’t what it used to be. Since the outbreak of Covid, things have been so different from what they were in the past. Virtually everyone misses the times when we could all go and see concerts with our favourite artistes performing.

Seems we’re not the only ones feeling it. SA music band, GoodLucklive recently shared a statement to social media revealing how much they miss performing Live. According to the band, it has been over a year since they performed Live on a stage.

No, not virtually, they mean, on a real Live stage, in front of thousands of concert goers. They defined the viewers as “moving together in a sea of beautiful celebration. The band went on to state that they would be performing Live again in Cape Town in 2 weeks. We can’t wait to see that happen.

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