Google Doodle Honors Famous Pianist & Composer Amanda Aldridge

A Google doodle is one way the most famous search engine in the world honours some of the most iconic figures and those who have empowered humanity with their gifts, skills, and so much more. Many have been honoured and many will still be honoured as the search engine evolves,

Amanda Aldridge is the latest to be honoured by Google with a doodle. But who exactly is she, and why did Google decide to honour her? Come along if you please.

Precisely 111 years ago today, the famous pianist had performed at London’s Queens Small Hall under the pseudonym Montague Ring. Her interest in music dates back to when she was a kid.

She had displayed such an impressive talent back then that she ended up studying at London’s Royal Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind.

Born in 1866, Amanda was the daughter of a black American Shakespearean actor famous for portraying the eponymous character, Othello. So her foray into the arts, as well as her excelling as a pianist and composer, wasn’t surprising to those who knew her and her family.

She wanted to be a vocalist, but a throat injury forced her to become a pianist and composer instead.

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