Gunmen Shoot Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker, Steal Two Others

Lady Gaga is in a place of pain right now, having lost two of her bulldogs to robbers with another dog, Walker, critically ill in the hospital, having taken four bullets to the chest.

Walker was shot in the chest on the night of Wednesday 25 February by gunmen who invaded the singer’s apartment in West Hollywood.

Lady Gaga was said to be in Italy at the time of the assault on her house. The songstress is keen to recover her lost dogs and bring to justice those who had violated her space. To show how serious she is about this, she has promised a reward of about R6.7 million.

If you have got information that might lead to the recovery of her dogs as well as the arrest of the thieves, you just might find yourself in the millionaires’ league.

But the way, the sealing of her bulldogs is not an isolated case, as authorities have reported an increase in dog theft in the time of coronavirus and lockdown.

The dogs the thieves stole from her apartment are highly priced and reportedly hard to breed, with price ags of around 3 to 10k British pounds.

The police say they are uncertain if the thieves were aware the apartment and the dogs belong to the celebrated singer.

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