Has K.O. Met A Girl He Wants To Marry?

At 43, veteran hip hop artiste K.O is unmarried and fans have been curious why. The songster was once quoted as saying he never met a girl he wanted to marry.

Recently a fan asked the Skhanda god if he is still following his old path of not having met a girl he wanted to marry, and K.O parried the question successfully. He said not everything is for social media. You can check out the conversation below.

K.O.’s love life has been a subject of fervid curiosity for fans. He once dated the model Sarah Langa, but the relationship fizzled out in 2015, at the same time K.O had issues with his Cashtime Records.

The intervening months had seen rumours circulating of him seeing other women. But the songster never confirmed any of them. He rather stated he was focusing on his music.

He admitted relationships are wonderful and significant but it isn’t his focus. Also, he stated that although he has no kids, he is family-oriented. He has no kids, but because his brothers have them, he treats them like his own.

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