Have A Look At DJ Zinhle’s Closet And Bathroom

DJ Zinhle takes followers on a tour of her closet and bathroom

DJ Zinhle gives her Instagram followers a tour of her bathroom and closet.

What would you give to see everything about the way your favourite celebs live? We mean, what would you give to get a tour of their private bathroom, clothes, jewelry, and any other thing that spells “personal”.

Well, if you’re a fan of popular producer, and business woman, DJ Zinhle, then you’re about to see all that for free. Yes, for free. Well, there’s a small clause, you need to have an Instagram account.

The “Umlilo” hitmaker recently gave fans a tour of her private closet, her bathroom and showed some of her jewelry. The popular hitmaker first shared a video of her closet on her feeds, then followed it up with a private tour of her clothes, and her bathroom. You get to see a little duck sitting on her bath tub. Crazy right? We wonder what inspired the tour.

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