Here Comes Xiluva: Ex-ActionSA Chairperson Bongani Baloyi Launches New Party

It has been said that one constant thing is change, and people have to embrace that reality wherever they might be. We have seen this manifest again and again and yet again. So it might not have come as a surprise to many when news broke that former ActioSA Gauteng chairperson Bogani Baloyi is launching a new party.

South Africa teems with political parties. In years past, there were just a few of them. Over time, though, with politicos unable to reach an agreement, separation had become inevitable, with people either ditching old parties and politics altogether or moving to new parties.

In “extreme” cases, they found new political parties. That’s exactly what Bonagni Baloyi, who was removed as ActionSA’s provincial chairperson earlier this month, has just done. The party he founded is Xiluma and has a former ActionSA councillor in Ekurhuleni Tlhogi Moseki as the national spokesperson

Addressing the reason for the formation of the new party, Baloyi noted that it was born out of political hopelessness. Xiluva itself will be founded on family values, ubuntu, and community. The party is gearing up to contest in the national elections which have been slated for 2024. It remains to be seen how well it will do at the polls.

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