Here Is How Nasty C Got His Stage Name

Nasty C explains how he got his stage name

Nasty C reveals how he came up with his stage name.

There’s usually a story behind every popular name. We can’t all deny that this is true. Rap monikers usually come with hilarious stories that are mostly known to their owners.

For a while there, we hadn’t really thought about how Mzansi rapper, Nasty C came up with his stage name. Appearing in an interview with “Rap” on Instagram, he revealed the story behind the name.

According to him, he got it two years after venturing into the rap game. He revealed he previously went by the name “Man J”, due to the current trend of attaching the first letter of your first name to “Man” by rappers.

He changed it after being introduced by a producer who gave him his first break as a “Nasty Cat”. He revealed he loved it and decided to go by the name changing it to Nasty C.

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