Here’s Why Taylor Swift Wants You to Google Her

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Here’s all you should know about Taylor Swift asking you to google her.

Hey Swiftie, or person who enjoys Taylor’s music, she’s got an assignment for you. You know how Taylor’s fans love a good challenge? Well, she’s back with more. All you need to do is google her.

Well, it’s really not that simple. You might play a little game that would unlock the titles to the 1989 Vault songs. You’re definitely going to love playing this game, just as much as you love a good Taylor song.

Google (and Taylor, of course) is asking fans to solve 33 million puzzles to reveal the five vault tracks to 1989 (Taylor’s Version). We know 33 million seems like a bit much, but with millions of Swifties around, that wouldn’t be so much of a challenge.

You know the blank space on your Google search bar, LoL? Yes, the search bar; if you write the name “Taylor Swift,” you might be surprised at what you see. The results will reveal 1989-themed word puzzles on the search engine.

Vulture explains it better, “Google “Taylor Swift,” click the vault, and solve the puzzle. Per Google, there are 89 different puzzles (for obvious reasons), and once 33 million are solved globally, the vault will be cracked open.”