Here’s Why The Big Hash Turned His Upcoming Album To A mixtape

The Big Hash explains why he turned his upcoming project to a mixtape

turns his upcoming project to a mixtape and explains why.

We guess the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame for a lot of changes happening in the music industry right now. While many artists and rappers aren’t letting the pandemic affect their initial plans, some a making new plans to suit their music.

“Life + Times” hit maker, previously announced that he would be dropping an album titled “Heartbreak Hotel” later this year. However, his plans have been altered. Yes, the project is still dropping but it isn’t an album anymore, it’s now a mixtape.

Hash made the reveal in recent post made on . According to him, he can’t drop an album in this climate. He also can’t afford to sit on some really good songs so he’d rather turn the album into a mixtape. That’s definitely a win win situation. He also asked his followers a good name they would give his new album.

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