Hip Hop Fans Divided On Newly Unveiled Tupac Shakur Statue

A statue of late legendary rapper, Tupac was unveiled recently and well, hip hop fans are currently divided about how it looks and whether or not it even looks like him.

The statue made by Dallas residents as a way to honor the “All Eyez On Me” rapper, has attracted huge controversies online.

Some fans even had the view that the statue looked more like a rasta Tupac that had no semblance whatsoever to him.

A fan tweeted:

Rasta went international n gave us 2Part Marula Shampu … Tupac

Another fans wrote:

Meet Tupac how he would had looked like .. I thought Rasta was bad but this one takes the continent Cup.

Comments like this one are really hilarious:

They got Tupac looking like the Chair of the Trustee Board at Missionary Baptist.

Another comment said:

Looks like this was the template photo but they failed terribly ….Whom ever did the statue……we need a refund.

There were of course fans that believed that the statue looks like him and have praised it to high heavens.

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