Hitmen Murder Allegations: Chicco Twala Says He Has Evidence Against Owen Ndlovu

When one talks about war, what comes to mind are blazing guns and wailing grenades. But what did Chicco Twala have in mind when his name popped up in the heated exchange between former sports presenter Owen Ndlovu and former parliamentarian Mthuthuzeli Vanara? 

The celebrated musician’s name has been mentioned in the court case between the two. Twala had allegedly warned Vanara that Ndlovu had sought the services of Hitmen to eliminate him. 

In the court case, Vanara had named Chicco as a witness in his lawsuit against Owen Ndlovu. Incidentally, he didn’t really object to being picked as a potential witness in the developing case against Ndlovu. 

Instead, he gave further insight into the case, noting that he knew the politician to be very conniving and that he was warned about him. As a result, he took records of his encounters with Ndlovu and claimed that he had evidence, including WhatsApp messages, that Ndlovu wanted to kill Vanara. 

How the case will end remains unclear, but it has brought to mind, once again, allegations that Chicco’s son was privy to the death of Senzo Meyiwa in 2014. Senzo was a former goalkeeper of the SOUTH African national team, Bafana Bafana. 

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