Hope Rises For HIV Patients A Woman Is Cured With Stem Cell Transplant

A woman has been reportedly cured of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) after undergoing a stem cell transplant.

The nameless patient, an American, who also suffers from leukemia, is the third person on record to have been cured of HIV using stem cell implantation.

The two previous treatments were in males, a Latino and a white. Both had received stems cells more frequently used in bone marrow transplants.

The woman recently cured of HIV is of middle age. Researchers noted that since receiving the stem cell implant, her HIV was in remission. And then she was finally without the virus.

The case was presented on Tuesday at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Denver, United States.

With this new confirmation of what stem cell transplants can do for HIV patients, hope has automatically risen for not just HIV and AIDS researchers but people suffering from the virus as well.

In South Africa. Where people living with HIV face great psychological trauma, the news of the cure of the middle-aged woman using stem cell therapy is especially gratifying.

With the current breakthrough, researchers are optimistic there will one day be a cure for HIV and AIDS. Until then, be safe, y’all.

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