How AKA Speaks On His Reebok SneAKA Selling For R20k

‘s business acumen is not in doubt. His latest business adventure was in the sneaker business, where he ran a brand called SneAKA in collaboration with sportswear giant Reebok.

The partnership is now defunct but there are still sneakers left from the partnership. They don’t come cheap. Recently it was reported that the sneaker, called SneAKA, in reference to ‘s adopted stage name, now sells for R2ok – as in twenty thousand rand.

Fans are incredulous SneAKA should sell for so much, so they took their case to the court of the SupaMega, who wasted no time explaining the reason for the current price. Apparently since the ending of the deal with Reebok, and the corresponding end of production of the sneakers, the price of SneAKA has shut up. According to AKA, the SneaAKA that reportedly went on sale for R20k was probably the last pair to ever exist.

By the way, AKA has headed to the mountains in Mzansi for the video shoot of his recent single “Energy.” The music video will be out soon, so watch out for it here at UbeToo.

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