How Viewers Reacted To Khosi & Ebubu Tact Team

Here is how viewers are reacting to Khosi and Ebubu’s tact team.

The Big Brother Titans show has delivered premium entertainment just as they promised. Fans of the show have been going nuts for the housemates. It is always fun when they team up for tasks. That’s when we see what our faves can do together.

Fans were initially skeptical when Ebubu and Khosi were paired to form Team Rema. All we expected was that it would just be a hilarious watch. But the two have surprisingly exceeded expectations with their pairing. They seem to be doing much better than Thabang, Justin, and Tsatsii.

Some fans are rooting for them to win because they have shown the most promise of all the teams. Viewers have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts about them. One fan stated that she’s worried that Ebubu might be unable to kick a ball. Most people are rooting for them because they gave top notch entertainment. A hilarious one at that.

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