“I Almost Died” — Jackie Phamotse On Her Food Poisoning Scare & Losing Unborn Baby

A health scare is something no one would want to have, but life happens and because find themselves contending with the unexpected. That was precisely the case of South African author and businesswoman Jackie Phamotse.

She recently gave some insights into her life and how she lost a pregnancy due to food poisoning. Of course, food poisoning is no joke, and not everyone gets to survive it.

Recalling her experience, the celebrated author noted that she almost died. She had gone home sweating, vomiting, and with the symptoms of diarrhoea. It was so bad that she couldn’t sleep and needed to see the doctor.

She alleged that her enemies had poisoned her non-alcoholic drink while at an event last year. She is known to be outspoken and has apparently stepped on some sore toes in words and writing.

Anyway, the decision to go to the hospital actually saved her, but she lost her unborn baby to food poisoning. Given a choice, of course, she wouldn’t have wanted that to happen. But it’s happened anyway, and she had learned her lesson and wouldn’t make herself easy fodder for her adversaries again. Well, it is happy survival for Jackie Phamotse.

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