Idols SA Season 16 contestant Jerodine Madlala speaks out after sex on show led to pregnancy

Idols SA contestant Jerodine Madlala is pregnant. She didn’t see it coming, but that is just as well, as she had a first child in similar circumstances – while entertaining people.

Jerodine Madlala admitted in a recent interview with Sunday World that she wasn’t expecting the pregnancy but was proud of it anyway, as she and her unborn child would sing along when he appears on stage alongside other contestants in the top 16 for the live show.

She said she had her reservations about the pregnancy at the outset because of her involvement in the show and was anxious to know whether the crew would accept her new state or disqualify her.

She said she was actually welcomed and accepted back and everyone is celebrating the moment. The 28-year-old, who, incidentally, is 28 weeks pregnant, ascribed it all to God’s will.

The pregnancy is already visible, so viewers are going to see a baby bump when she picks the mic for another performance at the South African State Theater today 28 September 2020.

According to Idols SA PR representative Irvin Pooe, there is no rule that a pregnant woman cannot be part of Idols SA, so the songstress can continue her quest for the number 1 spot.

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