IFani Dedicates New Verse To AKA

SA Hip Hop artist Ifani dedicates his verse on “Makhwenkwe” to his late rival AKA.

Many of us would agree that rap beef helps the SA Hip Hop scene thrive. They also boost the careers of some of the country’s most prominent rappers. The late AKA was involved in many of them. He also believed that a good rap rival was good for SA Hip Hop.

Since his demise on February 10, some of his biggest rivals have had good things to say about him. Following the release of Bravo Le Roux’s latest album, “IGAZI IINYEMBEZI NOMBILO,” Ifani was one of the rappers featured on it.

The talented emcee revealed that his verse in the song “Makhwenkwe” was dedicated to his previous rival AKA. He shared that their beef was not personal but only an expression of his art. He also congratulated Bravo Le Roux on his new album and praised him for representing the Xhosa people.

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