Ifani On Hating Sjava And How The Lady Zamar Controversy Changed His Perspective

IFani Props Himself To Rescue South African Hip Hop

South African rapper iFani has opened up about once hating his compatriot and fellow musician Sjav and how he ultimately had a rethink and started supporting the BET Award winner.

According to iFani, once upon a time, when he was broke and down and out, he developed a strong dislike for Sjava, whose legal name is Jabulani Hadebe. Along the line, though, that dislike had turned to understanding and support.

Recalling how the transformation happened, the muso noted that the Lady Zamar controversy, in which he had accused Sjava of rape and assault, opened his eyes to a lot and ultimately pushed him to start supporting the muso. Now he sees Sjava’s among the best musicians out there – on the same pedestal as Brenda Fassie.

He made these observations amid plans to release a new project. The songster was once as popular as they come. But endless controversies with some of the established names had seen him plummet from his high horse. As a result, some people no longer take him seriously.

But then, iFani is plotting a fierce comeback and one of the key steps was righting the wrongs of the past – and that includes making up with people he had offended or disrespected.