IFani Talks About His 6-Year Music Hiatus And Imminent Return

IFani Props Himself To Rescue South African Hip Hop

Mzansi rapper IFani opens up about taking a 6-year music hiatus and his imminent return with new music.

IFani once reigned as one of the top rappers in the country. However, he stepped back from the scene a few years back. The rap star revealed he no longer enjoyed making music from the moment he dropped Ewe and Shake (2012 and 2014).

He told Daily Sun, “During the time I was working on my debut record, everything in my life was going extremely well. I was getting bookings left and right, but I was unable to keep up with the demand because the pressure was too much.

“I had the impression that I was going to fight because it was so difficult for me. After making more money, I made the decision to move somewhere where there is more peace,” He is set to return with a new album titled “Quadrant,” and he’s never felt better. He announced the album’s first single in a recent tweet.