In Pictures: American Rapper Russ Chilling In South Africa

American rapper Russ is in South Africa and more than happy to be. The songster has also spoken about coming to the Rainbow Nation, and now he has fulfilled that dream. Who in his position wouldn’t be happy?

In a post on his social media channels, the musician had informed the world he’s in South Africa and shared pictures of himself right there in Mzansi. “South Africa, I’m here,” he announced with a picture which showed him to be at a place that looks like a beach. He had his hands in his pants pockets.

The next slide showed him in what appeared to be his hotel room, fully focused on his phone. The slide after that showed him posing at the gym, his iPhone clear in its selfie glory. You can check out the images below.

Today is Friday and he is currently in Cape Town. Tomorrow, Saturday, and he would be in a different city – Johannesburg – for a show.

By the way, this isn’t the first time the American rapper would pop into South Africa. He had been in the country four years previously. After a while of missing the country, he had shared his interest in revisiting. He’s finally done that.

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