In Pictures: Kefilwe Mabote Stuns With New Blonde Locks

One thing about physical transformations, especially for celebrities, is that people will notice, and when they notice, they usually share their thoughts about the same. Sometimes the feedback is positive; at other times, it isn’t. Either way, it confirms that people are watching.

Well, South African actress and media personality Kefilwe Mabote charmed many netizens recently after sharing new pictures which showed a marked transformation in her looks. Kefilwe opted for blonde locks which actually looked great on her.

In the caption to one of the posts she shared, she joked “hair for you” – which might be read as “here for you,” with the hair as advert. In her second post, she simply noted that things can only get better from her current position. The reactions to both posts indicate that fans share her verdict.

What’s more, they were impressed by her beauty as well and spoke about the same. You can check out the images below and decide for yourself.

Kefilwe Mabote has been around for a while and developed a loyal fan base as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her latest transformation would certainly not surprise anyone who has been paying attention for long because had tried markedly different hairstyles in the past.

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