Ingakari Leaked From TNS Upcoming “Phupholethu” Album

Ingakari Leaked From TNS Upcoming “Phupholethu” Album

Some fans of the South African musician TNS are pretty happy right not. Two songs of their champ, “Ingakari” and “Phupholethu,” have been leaked. So they have a chance to vibe with it before the official version drops.

The leaking of songs and albums are nothing new in the music industry – not in South Africa, and certainly not in any part of the world. Songs are leaked by insiders, sometimes by the artistes themselves. In either case, a number is heard before it is officially expected.

The leaked songs, , “Ingakari” and “Phupholethu,” are part of TNS’s upcoming album. They should give fans glimpses of what to expect in the imminent compilation. We can say right now that what is coming will grab attention.

If you are still circumspect about this verdict, you may want to immerse yourself in the songster’s previous numbers, and songs on which he appeared as a guest. A couple of them are right here at UbeToo, “iBhari” for instance.

By the way, TNS, who has fought many battles in the music industry, recently indicated his preparedness to support up-and-coming artistes.

Checkout both leaked songs below, they might be removed from YouTube soon as we can see that they are not uploaded on TNS or his record label official YouTube Channel