Intaba yaseDubai Gives Up And Announces Music Hiatus

Intaba YaseDubai has given up on releasing music and has announced his music hiatus.

It seems to be the same story for artists signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment. The label has been embroiled in so much drama surrounding their contract with their artists and how they manage them. Intaba YaseDubai has been in a legal battle with the label since they requested him to record four albums with them.

He started his own label, 3Point7 Ent, and released music via the label. Unfortunately, he has not had any success since. Taking to Facebook, the singer announced plans to go on a hiatus while working on a job he got and helping direct his new label. He wrote,

“I got myself a job. I promise you one day if ever we will be free from this jail we are in, I’ll give you music as I won’t stop recording since I love writing music. For now let’s accept another chapter in my life. I have a lot of work as a director at 3Point7 Ent and I hope you will support our new kids as they about to take off. God bless you for building me to become this man I am now. And I would like to say thank you for your support. It’s time I go back behind the scenes where my heart has always been. To everyone who will get a chance to work with us, Cheers.”

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