Ipeleng Is The First BBTitans Finalist

Housemate Ipeleng becomes the first Big Brother Titans finalist.

For weeks now, Africa has watched housemates battle it out in pairs on the BBTitans show. However, due to a new twist from Big Brother, the pairs have been dissolved. It is now everyone for themselves. Sweet right?

Well, Ipeleng’s luck shone, and the competitive housemate snagged herself a place in the finals. Awesome right? Big Brother took the Head Of House games to another level when he announced the housemates would be playing the Supreme Veto Game. The winner of the game would not only be the Head Of House but would also gain a place in the finals.

It ended up being between Ipeleng and her former partner Blaqboi. The two were tasked with building a four-level tower using wine glasses. Blaqboi led the race at first, but his tower soon crashed. Ipeleng ended up winning. Congrats to her.

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