“Isidingo” TV Show Actors Discovered It Was Ending On Twitter

In what is shaping out to be an embarrassing turn of events, the news is that actors on “Isidingo” found out about an end to the show on Twitter.

Motlatsi Mafatshe who was on the soap opera decried the way they all found out about the show’s ending and quipped that the show bosses could at least have told them before bloggers found out.

According to him:

They could have done it gracefully. The majority of people, the actors, found out on Twitter. That is so distasteful. When a blogger founds out first that a show is going to be canned.

His anger is understandable, for a show that ran for a very long time, had a huge number of fans and was regarded as one of the biggest on TV, allowing the actors to find out it on social media that it would not be continuing was distasteful.

While the SABC on which the show was aired said their for the cancellation was due to low ratings, Motlasi disagreed, saying it was possible that they had another show that needed promoting or they were looking to re-brand but he would not believe that the show’s ratings had actually fallen so low that it had to be canceled.

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