Issey Miyake, Iconic Japanese Designer, Dead At 84

Eight decades is, in every sense, a triumph in an age when life expectancy is pretty low. But celebrated Japanese designer Issey Miyake made it to eight decades and four – 84 years – before succumbing to liver cancer.

The iconic designer stood out for many personal milestones, including being the producer of 100 mock turtlenecks for co-founder Steve Jobs.

For the fashion designer’s death, the company he pioneered, the Issey Miyake Group, released a short statement shading some light on the man and his work. It noted its late founder had a spirit “driven by a relentless curiosity and desire to convey joy through the medium of design.”

Miyake’s fiery curiosity didn’t derail into popular trends, however. Instead, he stood out for not following the trend but for going his own way, giving people what he thought he should – without fashion trends intruding.

In his 52-year career, Miyake delved into various fields of fashion, from scents to perfumery. And in all of them, he stood out. In a short time, he had become an eponymous global brand that people happily patronise.

The news of his death has sent many people worldwide into the hood of mourning, with some tweeps speaking about what they love most about some of his products.

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