“It Feels Weird,” Dineo Ranaka On Being Called “Mama”

Media personality Dineo Ranaka is having a great mommy run with his daughter and apparently enjoying every second of it.

She’s a mother of one, alright, and that makes it appropriate for her to be called mama. Somehow, though, she admitted it feels weird to be so addressed.

In a recent post to her verified Instagram page, she had confessed it felt weird when her daughter called her “Mama.” She and the 9-year-old are out for lunch, and Dineo had noted they might not be back until the following day. You can check out the clip below.

Dineo Ranaka’s posts so far indicate that she’s currently no man in her life. And her daughter has been interested in who might pop in as her latest blunt.

In a hilarious clip she shared previously, her daughter Kopano had advised her to tell any man who wants a relationship with her that she has a daughter. Thereafter, according to the kid, her mother should block them. Lol.

Clearly, Kopano isn’t okay with the idea of sharing. Momma has to be hers and hers alone, and anyone interested in her should just buzz off in the interim. It remains to be seen what new drama will play out between mother and daughter.

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