It’s In The Blood, Watch Rethabile And Her Mum Winnie Khumalo Do The “Umlilo”

Rethabile and Winnie Khumalo sing "Umlilo"

Watch and Winnie Khumalo sing the hit song “Umlilo”.

Guys, it’s alright to feel jealous on this page. Hopefully, some of us (talented people.. lol) will have children who do even better. Watching Winnie and Khumalo makes us feel really warm all over, we can’t even explain it. We know you do too.

The talented mother and daughter recently appeared on delivering a rendition of the hit song “Umlilo”. The original song features vocals from who has been hailed by literally everyone for her performance on the song. Now, mama joins in, and we can’t get enough of the two of them.

Winnie is such a loving mother. She broke the news of Rethabile’s through her account urging fans to pray for her. It is nice to see how much she has inspired her daughter to chase her dreams to this point in her life.

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