J. Cole Performed For Inmates After Prison Visitation

American rapper, J. Cole, spit come bars and uplifted the inmates following his visit to San Quentin State Prison in 2017.

The ‘Work Out’ hitmaker loves to uplift people using his music and in real life. The talented rapper often creates time out of his busy schedule to meet with people who have experienced harsh incidences in life.

About three years ago, J. Cole went on a trip to one of the most famous prisons in San Francisco. One of the prison inmates has shed light on how J. Cole’s visit was life changing.

Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad, J. Cole’s manager, wrote at the time:

We got the opportunity to spend the day at San Quentin State Prison talking and meeting inmates who will never see the outside again.

Who had an idea that J. Cole did more than talking to the inmates? The talented rapper also spit bars for forty inmates who are facing life in prison.

In response to a post that was asking about people’s experiences in seeing notable artists perform in small rooms, Adnan Khan, former incarcerated lifer, revealed his experience when he heard J.Cole spit bars during his visit to the state prison.

Adnan Khan revealed that the rapper’s visit did not include any performance. J.Cole just sat down in a circle and spit bars without backing it with instrumental.

Adnan stated that the ‘No Role Modelz’ rapper’s visit was an inspirational one.

Adnan writes:

He knew how fucked up the system is & wanted to learn more from us living in the fire-to use his platform to educate fans & bring actual change.

Check out the pictures below:

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