J Molley Alert Fans About Fake Fraudulent Facebook Account

J Molley warns his fans against getting scammed by fake Facebook accounts with his name on it.

The rapper took to his Instagram page to inform his fans about some fake Facebook accounts that were opened in his name and are charging people for features from him.

J Molley posted the fake account saying people should unfollow and report the account so as not to fall victims of scams because contrary to what the Facebook page is depicting, he does not charge 2k rands for features and it was a ploy to get people scammed.

As seen on J Molley’s Instagram page;

This is a fake account, please unfollow & follow my real page. Do not be scammed, I don’t do paid features. Make sure you’re speaking to the email and number in my bio.

It is not new that celebrities get one or more pages opened in their names by fans and lovers of their craft but of recent the negative aspect of it is that some individuals now use such pages to scam people, claiming they offer services by the celebrity.

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