J Molley Invites Focalistic For A Feature

J Molley might be popping out a new song and he is looking at collaborating with Focalistic.

The rapper is set to release his project in Swaziland and he is set to feature a lot of artist on it, he starts the wave of feature with Pitori’s Maradona, Focalistic.

This is a combination that no one would have thought would happen anytime soon, but it is set to be a reality, as J Molley took to his twitter page to make a request of Focalistic.

As seen on twitter;

J Molley had pop up on the tabloids so many times this year for ladies either getting his initials as Tattoos or breaking up with them. Now he is changing the norm as he is in the tabloids for what he knows how to do best which is music.

As we await the collaboration, one can’t deny the magic that is set to come out of this artists joining forces.

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