Jane Doe 1 In Harvey Weinstein Rape Case Reveals Identity

The lady whose testimony led to Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction in Los Angele has finally revealed her identity to the Hollywood Reporter. The lady, previously known simply as Jane Doe 1, has revealed her identity to be Evgeniya Chernyshova. She was born in Siberia and is currently 43 years.

Although Weinstein faced accusations from other women, Evgeniya Chernyshova’s was the only one to result in a conviction in Los Angeles. The mogul was sentenced to 16 years in jail for raping Evgeniya Chernyshova and will serve his term along with the 23 years he is currently serving in New York.

The news of Weistein’s conviction came to her through her attorney. She was driving at the time and had to park by the side to read the message. The verdict was in and her rapist will be sent to the slammer for almost two decades. The reality tears from her and her kids, who were with her at the time, had to ask her if she was okay.

She indeed was. The tears were for finally getting justice and correspondingly lifting a weight off her shoulder. For then it was easy to reveal her identity to the world. Such is the story of Jane Doe 1 – Evgeniya Chernyshova.

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