Jazz Musician Writes AKA’s Team, Demands Compensation Over Late Rapper Sampling His Work

It appears like a new drama is brewing over AKA’s recently released album “Mass Country,” as a popular jazz musician Caiphus Semenya has claimed that the slain rapper sampled his song “Diary” without giving him credit for it.

According to multiple reports, the jazz maestro had informed AKA’s record label, Sony Music, of the infraction of his rights and that they have to compensate him for the sampling or face legal consequences.

It is claimed that this is not the first time AKA had sampled Caiphus. It’s alleged that he had sampled the veteran musician previously and apologised when confronted. he had also reportedly promised to make it up to Caiphus but never did.

His doing the same thing again was considered disrespectful to the old man, and this time he is not having it. While it is reported that Caiphus has approached AKA’s team over the infraction, there is no record that they have responded to him yet. So all eyes are trained on them to see how they would respond to the situation.

AKA is unfortunately no longer on the material plane, having been assassinated, alongside his former manager Tibz, as he stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida road in Durban on February 10.

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