JazziQ Remembers Killer Kau, Mpura, And DJ Papers

Mpura, Killer Kau, and DJ Papers might be dead, but they are clearly still in the heart of a fellow musician, Mr. JazziQ. It’s been a year since their death, but they are still alive in the heart of the amapiano producer.

In a series of posts, Mr. had reflected on the many deaths he’d witnessed in the past few years, noting that it hasn’t been easy.

About Killer Kau, the amapiano producer noted the late muso was a free-spirited bloke and he could easily write a book about him.

About Mpura, Mr. noted that the late musician was neither a friend nor an acquaintance but a brother – which makes it all the more difficult to bear the death. You can check out his posts below.

By the way, last year, Rea Gopane, one of the hosts of Everything South African Music podcast, had claimed that Mr. killed and Killer Kau through diabolical means to advance his own career, a claim Mr. denounced as untrue. He’d also sued Gopane for R1 million.

Mr. JazziQ isn’t the only one deeply affected by Killer Kau and Mpura’s death. The musician was also affected, and she memorialized the duo with a tattoo.

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