Jobe London Announces 2021 Official Debut, “Injalo Lento” Featuring Killer Kau, G-Snap & Zuma

Jobe London announces his first release for 2021 titled “Injalo Lento” featuring Killer Kau, G-Snap, and Zuma.

Yes, Jobe London is coming. That should be trending on social media right now. We all know just how amazing he is at creating hits. We were a bit worried that he hadn’t dropped a new song this year. We can now see that he was only taking his time.

A recent post made by the popular hit maker shows that he will be dropping his first song for the year this weekend. He titles it “Injalo Lento”, and has revealed that it will be released on Friday, February 5th. The song features contributions from Killer Kau, G-Snap and Zuma.

You can add that to your list of expected releases this weekend. The song is produced by Busta 929. It is also available to pre-sale. Jobe owned the previous year with songs including “Aketsebe Ke Ketseng”, “Ingane”, to mention a few.

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