Josiah De Disciple’s Much Anticipated “Spirits Of Makoela Vol. 2: The Reintroduction” Album Drops Soon

Fans of South African producer Josiah De Disciple are currently fevered with expectancy following the songster’s announcement of a new project in the epipeline.

In a recent Instagram post, the musician, who was one-half of the now defunct JazziDisciples duo, shared the cover art of his imminent project, “Spirits Of Makoela Vol. 2: The Reintroduction.”

He failed to give a release date for the project, nor did he share the tracklist. He only indicated fans should expect the album soon. For some fans that was enough. A storm of the flame emoji in the comments indicate fans are expecting a pot of hits from the muso.

But would he serve just that, ultimately? The coming days should reveal a lot.

As the leading South African music and entertainment blog, we’re going to share the project with y’all on release. In order not to miss it, you might want to follow our social media channels as well as subscribe to our newsfeed and stay tuned for updates.

What do you think of the imminent project, though? Do you expect it to trump  previous projects from the songster? You may want to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go!

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