JR Wants To know Who The Public Would Like To See Perform On The New Feel Good Live Sessions

JR asks for suggestions on who to feature on the new "Feel Good Live Sessions"

JR wants the public to suggest who they would like to see perform on the new “Feel Good Live Sessions”.

Guys, JR’s Feel Good Live Sessions may just be coming back. Yes, you heard that right. Various suggestions are already being given for which artists to feature on the show if it comes back.

So, here are the full deets. SA rapper, and founder of Feel Good Music, JR recently took to his Twitter account to hint on bringing back his popular show Feel Good Live Sessions. The show is created by Mzansi artists who give fans a slowed down performance of their hits in a medley.

He asked fans for suggestions on who they would like to see perform on the show if it came back. Of course the comments section was flooded with various big names which were acknowledged by the music genius.

Now, we will wait and see if it will actually happen.

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