Justin And Hailey Bieber Visit Kanye West To Discuss Saving His Marriage

Justin Bieber and Hailey, pay Kanye a visit to discuss his marriage issues with Kim Kardashian

Justin Bieber and wife, Hailey Bieber pay Kanye West a visit to discuss saving his marriage to Kim Kardashian.

Literally everyone in the world has been wondering what’s been up with Kanye. The talented artist and businessman recently shocked the world when he revealed he’d been trying to divorce his wife, Kim Kardashian for many years now.

Since the revelation, we’ve all known that it hasn’t been easy for them both. According to reports, many of his famous friends have been checking up on him since then, the most recent being Justin Bieber and wife, Hailey. The couple who are currently on a cross country road trip, paid the rapper a visit at his ranch in Wyoming.

Insiders reveal that he was waiting to receive them at his “YZY Campus” when they arrived. Justin and Ye were said to have talked business and also about saving his marriage to Kim K. Ye also shared a photo of them chatting.

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